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spa-and-beauty-villa-mercede-frascati-sauna Sauna
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spa-e-beauty-villa-mercede-frascati-criosauna Criosauna
spa-and-beauty-villa-mercede-frascati-manicure Manicure and pedicure

Criosauna Cryomed Pro

The Cryosauna of Villa Mercede is an innovative technique which with the power of cold stimulates the body to produce beneficial anti-aging and recovery effects for athletes, for the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and for the elimination of toxins.

100% natural solution

With temperatures reaching up to -180° for sessions of approximately 2-3 minutes, the cryosauna will give you new energy and daily well-being. Furthermore, the treatment will help to speed up recovery from training and muscle pain, inflammation and injuries. Finally, the regenerative effect of the cold accelerates the metabolism and combats the appearance of wrinkles and cellulite, making the skin firmer. toned, luminous and florid.