Recover, tone, regenerate!
Cryosauna for your daily well-being

The energizing cold to reduce pain and inflammation,
accelerates the metabolism and makes the skin firmer. young

Do you want to have more energy and improve your well-being?
Do you want to increase your performance in sport and in everyday life?

The cryosauna of the Spa Villa Mercedewith the regenerating power of the cold, produces an activation of body and mind with greater well-being and vitality. every day.
The cryosauna treatment takes place in a specially designed cabin, capable of reaching a controlled temperature of up to -180° for an exposure of a few minutes (approximately 2-3 minutes).
The cryosauna brings great benefits regarding daily energy and well-being, helping to speed up recovery from training and reduce recovery times from muscle pain, inflammation and injuries. Furthermore, the regenerating effect of the cold accelerates the metabolism, counteracting further appearance of wrinkles and cellulite, making the skin firmer toned, luminous and compact.

Who is the cryosauna aimed at?

To athletes, both professional and amateur, and to those who want to improve their fitness, thanks to the wonderful anti-aging and toning effects of the cold.

Do you want to experience
this innovative treatment?

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The treatment can be be safely repeated over time with more cycles sessions, based on the objectives you want to achieve.

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The Cryosauna of Villa Mercede will give you many beneficial effects, positively influencing your psycho-physical well-being. Here are the main advantages of this revolutionary treatment:

For rapid recovery from training and injuries
For athletes, cryosauna is a real accelerator for recovery , both from sporting performance and from injuries. The treatment leads to hyper activation of the organism, with a reduction in trauma and muscle inflammation, enhancing tissue regeneration and reducing the sense of fatigue. For this reason, the cryosauna is was included as an official treatment for the champions of the World Padel Tour and the Rome Tennis Internationals.

To accelerate the metabolism
The cooling action (up to -180°) is capable of accelerating metabolism up to 4 times compared to normal. With a 3 minute treatment you are done. so capable of burning up to 600kcal (the equivalent of 60 minutes of jogging!). As? Thanks to the vasoconstriction generated by the cold, the body increases its internal temperature, accelerating the metabolism. The cryosauna sessions, combined with regular activities physical and dietary plan from a nutritionist, I am so a precious ally in losing weight.

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Per un azione tonificante anti-aging
L’azione del freddo ha anche importanti benefici estetici, ottimizzando drenaggio linfatico e circolazione sanguigna, per una pelle più tonica ed elastica. In questo modo viene anche contrastata la comparsa di rughe e cellulite. Inoltre il trattamento ha un effetto detox e antiossidante sulla pelle, per un aspetto più luminoso e privo di irregolarità.

Per ottimizzare il benessere psicofisico
L’attivazione innescata dal freddo può portare a rapidi benefici per l’intero organismo, migliorando lo stato di concentrazione e aiutando a gestire meglio gli stati di ansia e stress. L’azione del freddo interviene infatti nella riduzione dei livelli di cortisolo (l’ormone dello stress) e facilita la produzione di serotonina, connessa agli stati di serenità e buonumore.

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Frequently asked questions

How many sessions are needed?
Several cycles are programmed based on the objectives to be achieved. sessions (from 5 to 10 or more sessions) always lasting 2-3 minutes.

Are special clothing needed?
The cryotherapy session can be be carried out in shorts or a swimsuit for men and in shorts and a gym top or swimsuit for women. All specific accessories such as boots and gloves are provided directly by the structure.

Who is interested in? not recommended?
As with any treatment, there are categories for which its use is not recommended. Heart patients and those affected by cardiovascular and arterial pathologies first of all, but also pregnant women, subjects with skin diseases or skin lesions in proximity to the of the areas to be treated, subjects suffering from epilepsy, anemia or pathologies linked to cold intolerance (Raynaud's syndrome, urticaria).

Reach the best version of yourself
With the cryosauna you will experience a pleasant sensation of cold
which invigorates body and mind with numerous benefits:

reduces recovery times from sports performance;
relieves muscle trauma and inflammation;
 makes the skin firmer toned, elastic and luminous;
accelerates the metabolism thanks to the thermogenic action of the cold;
stimulates the production of serotonin and reduction of anxiety and stress.

For more information or to book your session, contact us!
The treatment can be be safely repeated over time with more cycles sessions, based on the objectives you want to achieve.

Spa & Beauty Villa Mercede
Frascati, Via Tuscolana 20

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