LPG Treatment

LPG Endermologie

State-of-the-art system made in France
Born in France over 30 years ago, LPG Endermologie, is a cutting-edge system for the wellbeing and health of the face and body, which exploits the mechanical stimulation of cells to combat skin blemishes (wrinkles, sagging skin, resistant adiposity, orange peel skin).

100% natural solution
LPG® Endermologie is a 100% natural solution that allows you to take advantage of the skin's natural potential in a pleasant and safe, non-invasive or aggressive way. The treatment, which takes place through a handpiece, consists of a slight suction of the skin, associated with a mechanical action of rolling and unrolling the skin, thanks to which the micro-circulation is reactivated and the lymphatic channels are reopened, offering the skin the right oxygenation.

Results that are maintained over time
The regeneration of the cells caused by the LPG Endermologie treatment, allows to obtain lasting results:
    • acceleration of the production of the substances of youth (collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid), for a more compact skin
    • activation of the process of elimination of fat cells, for a refined silhouette
    • reactivation of the circulation of liquids, for a deep detoxifying action.

Useful to
LPG Treatment is indicated for those who want to obtain:

    • long-term (and not temporary) reduction of cellulite
    • improvement of the tone of your skin
    • redistribution of localized fat deposits
    • reduction and slowing of the effects of aging
    • lifting effect on irregularities

LPG for the face: Endermolift

This exclusive anti-aging method allows you to redensify the skin in depth, erasing the signs of aging. The Lift LPG heads, thanks to the action of the fins, stimulate and awaken deeply the cells that are responsible for the natural production of collagen (firmness) and elastin (softness and elasticity), and hyaluronic acid (volume and hydration).




* HUMBERT P. et al. Clinical Interventions in Aging 2015

LPG for the body: Lipomassage

The secret of the effectiveness of body treatment derives from direct action on fats. The scientific research of LPG has detected and indicated that lipomassage activates lipolysis, stimulating adipocids and reduces localized fat deposits.

After 3 sessions, 71% of women experience an improvement in the firmness of their skin *

After 12 sessions waistline reduction up to 5.2 cm *

After 3 sessions, 67% of women experience smoother skin *

*Study endermologie® Dermscan 2016

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